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Posted On: 6/4/2020

Meadow Lark

I would like to say that management is very respectful and is always there when you have a question or even if something is wrong it gets taken care of right away , I would definitely say that this place was the best decision we have made . I can honestly say that the best decision this company has made is bringing Monica here she is so awesome she is honest and treats her residents with respect at all times . The property is well taken care of and all the units are cleaned and ready for new move in . No bugs which is a super plus cause a lot of properties in aurora are Infested with bedbugs and cockroaches but not here !!! Our family Is safe to go for a walk with no violence Or sit outside without drama
By: Rachael     Verified Resident
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Thank you, Rachael! We are very happy to hear you've had a good experience here at Meadow Lark.

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